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Frequently Asked Questions

5k In Person

Where can I park?  

Parking on Ball State's campus is free on the weekend. Park in any location available. A recommended location is the parking garage on the corner of Ashland Ave and McKinley Ave. 


Where is walk up registration?  

Emens Auditorium  


How much is walk up registration?  



Will I receive a t-shirt if I register the day of?  

T-shirts for walk ups are first come first serve. 


Where is check in for pre-registration?  

Emens Auditorium  


How do you get to the start line from Emens Auditorium?  

There will be shuttle busses transporting participants to the start line at City Hall. This bus will run from 7:30am to 8:25am. (The last bus will leave at 8:25am, don’t be late😊) 


When can I register or check in?  

Official check-in registration is open from 7am to 8:25am.  A soft opening will start at 6:45am. 


What forms of payment do you accept?  

Cash and Check only  


Is there a bag check?  

Yes, there will be a bag check located at Emens Auditorium  


How will I be communicated to in case of an emergency?  

In case of any emergency, you will be alerted via email, and on Chase Charlie social media. Follow @bsuchasecharlieraces on Instagram, and @BSUChaseCharlie on Twitter to stay updated on the latest race information! 

Can I bring my stroller?  

Yes, the route is stroller accessible.  

Will water and snacks be provided?  

Yes, two water stations will be on course and snacks will be provided at the finish line. 

Who is awarded?  

The top three finishers in each age bracket and the top male and female runners.  


When will results be posted?  

Over the weekend.  

Kiddie 100 

When can I register?  

The registration tables will be open from 12:30pm to the end of the 1st quarter. 


Where can I register?  

There will be two sets of registration tables, one on the outside of Scheumann Stadium at Gate 4 and the other table will be located inside Scheumann Stadium around gates 2 and 3.  


How much is registration?  



Who can participate?  

Anyone aged 13 and under 

Where do kids meet after registering for the Kiddie 100?  

The northeast corner of Scheumann Stadium.  Kids need to be at the NE corner with 5 minutes left on the clock, of the 2nd quarter. 


Where does the race finish?  

The race will finish at the southeast corner of the Scheumann Stadium. 


Are awards given out at the end of the race?  

Yes, everyone will be given a participant ribbon at the end of the race.  

Virtual 5K 

When will I get my shirt?  

They will be mailed the week of October 24th, if not earlier.  

How do I provide my distance and time?  

Record your distance and time on your phone, watch, or treadmill and then take a picture. Then send an email of it to our faculty advisor Eric Klosterman,, by 11:59pm on Sunday October 23rd.  

When will results be posted?  

Results will be posted the week of October 25th. 

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